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Ozone Beauty Spa Body

Sea Mineral Salt Glow Reviver
$65 ½ hr

Stimulate the circulation and enliven the skin using pure sea mineral salts and your elemental aromatherapy oil.

This is a beautiful prelude to a steam sauna or massage.

Chakra Energy Balancing
$85 ½ hr

A light hands on technique with focus on realigning the chakras to clear, balance and stimulate a healthy flow of energy through the body. This profoundly restorative treatment is wonderful on it’s own or combines beautifully with any facial & massage. Combined with a facial or massage (add $55)

Wildflower Back Facial
$99 ¾ hr

Just because it’s our of sight, don’t let it be out of mind, your back will never feel the same again. Dead skin cells are whisked away with sacred sea salts and oils followed by rich mineral mud. Emerge free to bare your back

Wattle Husk Body Polish
$150 1¼hr

Sweep away all beauty sins of dryness and rough skin with a massage mix of ground wattle husks and warmed elemental aromatherapy oil. Finish with a lavish massage of creamy body milk full of wildflower essences and Thyme, Hawthorn and Aloe to nourish and hydrate.

Sea Mineral Mud Wrap
$210 1½hr

A body extravagance that starts with the therapeutic goodness of a sea mineral salt glow, then, cocooned in lush Dead Sea Mineral Mud, earth's minerals will detoxify and soften your skin, whilst you indulge in your choice of a heavenly scalp massage or mini wildflower facial.

Ozone Beauty Spa Sauna

Steam Sauna In the warmth of an individual steam cabinet your body is enveloped by the ancient healing properties of steam. Linen is provided.

Tri-Oxygen Steam deep healing & detoxifying

Opening Times

 Monday to Friday:  10:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday:  9:00am to 1:00pm

We may open longer by appointment

Sunday and Public Holidays:  Closed


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